Who am I, I am many things

I have been of the polyamorous mind set since I was a kid, not sure where that started, I didn’t see it till later in life, it was rather clear in middle school and high school when I look back.

I’m dyslexic, and often give the wrong directions.

I am not young, I am not old. I am living life, the main character in my own personal story. A story that I’ll be sharing parts of here, hopefully this is entertaining. Hopefully the bits of thoughts and stories I’m sharing offer a window into another world, a different life.

I am The Storm!
Feel free to email or post questions, post comments, ideas. However be warned this is my view, my life, I may not be willing to have a debate with you about the life I have chosen for myself. This is my road, the path I have chosen to create through my forest.


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