Love, Where do we go from here?

I loved you, wholly and completely

I loved you even to my own destruction

You held my keys

I submitted everything you ever asked

And you walked away

I love you still, though I’m different now. I am reborn, recreated, rebuilt. I’m not new, there are parts of me you will still recognize. Yet I’ve come and reclaimed the pieces I had set aside for the life we shared, the life we built with each other.

You pushed me out of your life

I didn’t go willingly, I didn’t leave quietly. I gave my needs, my expectations. Told you what I would do. You choose not to follow through, not to fight for me, not to defend what we were

Life was beautiful, once for us. YOU were home for me, and I home for you Consumed with each other, by each other

Where do we go now?

There are times I do not feel you belong as anything in my life. Times when you seem my oldest friend, the one I can talk to about anything. Times when there’s no way I can tell you anything.

Friends at least, if no longer partners going through life side by side.

Where do we go from here?


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