Weekend Warriors

When you have been expecting worst case; hoping thing go better then your fears, then the weekend turns into something better then you could have imagined. All the happy loving feels, you wake feeling amazing, comfortable, confident, feeling like you fit within your own skin. Look at the people in your life and see them feeling the same and just recognising how much you each truly needed the time you’ve just spent together.

Even getting past the poly problem of over heating when cuddling so many warm bodies was easy. Loving touches, loving words. The guys getting some alone time to chat and bro it up. No expectations, just enjoying each other’s company, sharing music, movies, and laughs. 

Sleep comes somewhat easy. I wake easily find myself enveloped in the warmth and love of my guys, smile, switch sides and snuggle against one chest, and wrap another’s arm around me. Both guys perfectly comfortable with each other in this pile of bodies and heat.

God’s I love you, I will always hold love within me for you. I needed this, we all did.

Chill weekend, with enough privacy in each diad for the intimacy each needed and wanted, and much time connecting with ourselves within a “triad”. It’s a V styled poly relationship; however, the guys have known and been best bro’s much longer then I’ve been in their life. 

I woke for work feeling hope in my heart that the recent struggles would workout for the better for all involved. 

That evening baby step were made perhaps, yet it felt like a leap in the right direction. 


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