Pride is Best

I love you

l miss you

I want to see you happy

Yet I will not jeopardize myself for that. I to deserve love, I deserve to be missed, I deserve happiness. So please love me in return, miss me when we are apart, desire to see happiness in my face.

If we can not touch, can’t not hug, can’t not kiss, can not have sexy time when your other girl is around, then why should she ever be around us? How often must I repeat my most basic need to my partners and their other loves? 

“Do not put me into a situation that you would not be willing to accept yourself”

It’s not easy to trade places in various situations. To be in the group some times as a couple with your love, sometimes as the add on person. I’m willing to acknowledge the difficulty, to see the struggle it can be. And I’m willing to be uncomfortable sometimes as the add on person. However I’m not willing to always be uncomfortable, for the other love to never trade places with me.

I love you

And I need to see that you love ME in return. I need you to reach for me, I need to be the one in your arms and for those times to not be in hiding. Be proud of our love, not ashamed of it.


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