Sweat and Blood

Sitting across each other’s legs, face to face.

Covered in sweat and blood.
Eyes closed breathing in the heady scents on our skins, the musk of the woods, and pheromones on the air.

My hands, fingers nails, soft across your barred flesh. Up your arms, across your shoulders, collar bone, up your neck, your ears. Then cheek bones, nose, eyes. Faces gently touch nose, and forehead.

Then my hands travel back down. Across your cheek bones, neck, shoulders, down your arms to your hands. Link our fingers, bringing our hands behind my back.

Still eyes closed, gently slide my face down towards the back of your neck just below your ears, and inhale deeply. Taking in your scent, your pheromones, and the scent of the fear and blood of our last victims


“You know how to make me go crazy love, you have no idea how much that made me smile and the image was intoxicating. Beautiful just beautiful

You made me have chills 😉 I almost felt everything you describe while reading it”

Me, “thoughts, imagery wild one, 

This can be powerful”


“Yes It can be and I will be 😉

Under the stars. A kiss, my lips going from your lips to your cheek, then your ear. Let out a low growl and then kisses down your neck. Nibble the back of your neck, down to your collar bone then slowly work my way down to your chest. Kiss and play with your breasts and pin you down, kissing down your stomach to your pelvis. Nibble on your thighs as you let out such sweet sounds and wiggle for me 😉 Pull a blade and make a small cut on my arm and let you feed as I play and you moan and beg for more when I pull it away. mmm Strip our clothes off and lay next to our cute little victim and play as we feed each other with her and enjoy our night under the stars and moon”


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