I have enjoyed creating surprises for my people, the ones who have schedules which make creating a surprise not too difficult.

I was living 2000 miles away, and planning to move within a 4-6 hour drive from my people. One of my guys, Anubis, and I had started talking and being more flirtatious with each other again. I had reservations, was keeping an open mind, and made it clear I expected Anubis to prove himself in certain ways. I haven’t given Anubis my moving dates, but he knew I was moving. I created a habit of asking him about his work days/schedule about two months before my planned moving dates. Just a sly way of creating an easy surprise moment.

So I get moved, two day road trip, unpack, sleep, and pack for a weekend trip. Make the 4-6 hour drive and make my way to Anubis’s job. He was working for a retail chain, and I knew he would be at work. Texting like normal the whole time so as to not tip Anubis off. I’m vigilant walking into his store watching out for him so he won’t spot me as I walk in. I carefully check down the aisle to see where he’s at. I spot Anubis and quickly hide behind the fixtures so he doesn’t notice me. Was a game of cat-n-mouse or hide-n-seek, though he didn’t know it. And we were still texting at regular intervals.

I kept my distance waiting for a moment when his back would be turned. Finally after 10-15 mins I found my chance. I rush Anubis and was on him, arms going around him for a hug, he turned with barely time to catch on. The look on his face was priceless!

Fun day, great memory.

Anubis asked me to stay till he got off so we could hangout a little bit before he got picked up by some friends heading out for the evening.

We met up when he got off work the next day, got a couple drinks, went for a walk in the park, talked a lot. By the end of our afternoon it was clear what he needed to do personally for he and I to have a shot again. Anubis needed to get his house in order, start making progress moving forward in his life again. Talking openly with him about his life, the way I see things as a whole was a visible surprise as well. Anubis was surprised that I knew him so well, that I knew and accepted what I could see of him, that all I was asking for is that he chose a path and get to walking it. Asking him to stop stalling, move forward, grow. That if he wants to be a big part of each other’s life that I need to see that I matter to him, that creating time for each other is something happening from both sides.

I also played a little joke that he wasn’t expecting either. Did pretty good getting the words out, got a moment’s reaction then started grinning and couldn’t contain my laugh.


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