That point in anime where the characters come back together stronger then before

I’ve known Anubis and Apophis for right at 3 years. So much has changed in that time. People have come into and left each of our lives. I’ve moved away first a few hundred miles then a couple thousand miles, and finally came back.

Hardship has reach each of us. We’ve each lost the home we had, and were forced to move back in with family. Vehicles, and jobs have been lost. Still struggling to pick ourselves back up and get moving forward.

With everything we have each been through, we are still together. Stronger for having each other in our lives. Stronger together than apart.

This is what stories are made of, the type of friendships, love, that anime and books showcase.

That’s right my life is an anime. There have been times here and there where one or the other of us will notice such and say as much. We’ve turned it into a fun little inside joke that I’m only half sharing here.

I love you guys, miss you when I’m away, miss you when you are off in your own world. And I love seeing how you both miss me as well.


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