From me to Anubis

Chilly dark forest

Wind in the trees
Secluded Glenn
My hand in yours

You turn to me flashing that wicked smile
My dark laughter fills the air

We run
Quick sudden, oddly silent

Darker is the night
Under swaying tree tops
Hints of the moon glowing above
Now walking
your hand warm in mine
A stream

Wading in you pull me closer
My free hand gently caresses your side as your other arm goes around my waist
Our entwined hands behind my back, holding us firmly together

My lips on your cheek
Free hand sliding softly up your back
Light caress of my nails dragging down your back, across your waist, finding your arm and gliding up to your neck

You lean in as my fingers dug in at the back of your neck
A soft kiss on my lips
across my cheek
Down my neck
Grazing my neck with your teeth
Not biting

My hand grows gentle at your neck
My body reacts
A soft sigh in your ear
My other hand grips yours tighter behind my back

I can feel your smile
Pulling away
Looking into each other’s eyes
Words aren’t needed

Do we break our silence?

Still no bites

Again we pull slightly away
Feeling our hearts beat
The water swirls around our thighs

Our eyes lock
Mouthing the words, barely daring to breath
“I love you”

Ferocious a become
demanding kisses
Biting lips
Aggressive bites
Sharp in take of breath
“Yes” I whisper, barely audible

Wading backwards you drag us arms still entwined to the other side of the brook

Dripping wet
You gently lay me back on the bank
Ripping the soaked cotton of my shirt
My body jerks
Skin exposed

Legs wrap around you
Squeezing, not tight, demanding
Slow I breath in your ear
Sshh you respond
Catch my wrist
I flash my evil grin, and get your saucy wink

I struggle, resisting being pinned at the wrist
Pressing hard my arms against your weight
My legs tighten around your waist as you lean into me
Say it I whisper into your kiss
“I love you”
Tighter my grip around your waist
“I love you” I say in a husky voice
Sinking my teeth into your neck

Your head lowers
Your abs tighten
My teeth sink deeper as you bite me in return

Wrists freed
I play with your back
Running my nails across your skin
Gentle some, digging in some

You nuzzling at my breast, tongue playing with my nipples
Your hands no longer controlling my arms strip me of my jeans

Sliding slowly down my legs
Pulling our body’s apart

Our eyes lock
Heat in that gaze

Slipping out of your own pants
I’m watching you propped on my elbows

Your eyes never leave my face
One hand guides slowly up along my leg
Still watching me you lean down
Closer to my legs
I squirm
Your other hand presses my legs down

Ssh you whisper
Deep breath
Eyes still locked

Your lips on my legs
Moving slowly teasingly up my legs to my thighs

I hear your growl
Feel it on my skin
Growling in return
Sharp bite
I moan, jerking my legs
That knowing grin
You straddle my legs holding me still
Looking more and more like a predator ready to strike
Your eyes on my face

One hand presses my shoulder, laying me down
My hands on your face holding you to me

Heat rises from your flesh
Growling you bite my neck again
My nails dig into your back, your neck
My breath in your ear
Our body’s pressed into each other

“I love you” you growl in a low guttural voice
Capturing my arms attempting to pin my hands again
I snap and growl at you
Ssh I hear in my ear just before your teeth sink into my neck again
More growls
Claws, teeth, nails breaking skin

My legs back around your waist

Your heat

Burn for me, I want your heat
“I love you”
Pinned again
We aren’t gentle


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