Poly problems

Some are crushingly difficult to figure out, work around, and/or fix. Yet others are more fun. LIKE

When sleeping between two of your loves whom do you snuggle/cuddle? I can never choose, so I generally (at least so far) get little sleep as I wake searching for touch with which ever of my loves has rolled or shifted away. Usually due to getting too hot, when I’m snuggled between my two guys they get hot, I get hot, one over heats and moves away. I follow him then wake realising my other side had cooled and wondering where my lover went.

No where, I moved away from him to cuddle the other one.

There just doesn’t seem to be the right balance of cold room, warm blankets, cuddling partners to be wholly enveloped in the loving arms of my people, but we’ll keep trying till we figure it out. We need more nights together as a group, though that’s harder to come by with vastly changing hard to balance schedules.



    1. 🙂 yes it is a good “problem”

      We have times when we are much more cuddly then others too. Last time both were cuddling with me it was great, like sleepy time twister, arms, hands, legs, feet EVERYWHERE.

      And breakfast in bed the next morning is always much fun. Careful not to spill the coffee

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