sisterly loves

My sis (yelling from her bathroom), “Wild Storm, why are you masturbating!!!”

Me (yelling back from my room), “cause it’s fun and feels so good!”

My sis, “gross, that’s so not what I was expecting.”

Later that day*

Me, “So is going out the entrance like going in the exit?”

My sis, *crazy face*, “I didn’t like that statement at all”

Me, “I so need to have my camera ready when I say these things to you”

Me, “I’m tired”

My sis, “WHY”

Me, “6 hours of sleep”

My sis, “WHY”

Me, “masturbation”

My sis, “OMG,  why you do things.”

Me, laughing too hard to talk in line at the store. 

My sister texting from the next room

“WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!”

I text back

“What’s wrong, I’m awake”

My sister

“I Shit myself”
Same morning*

I walk in to my sister’s room
Sis, “I’ve got a dick”
Me, “SO do i

Want to fight?”

Our brother puts his hand in front of his face, “OH god, morning wood!”


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