Let the Nasty Dehydrate

​Long distances relationship SUCK, and yet they are also beautiful, so much room for growth and knowledge gained.

I moved away, told my love that I’d be back but that I wasn’t sure when I’d get to visit or what “rules” I’d come with. (Yuck I very much dislike rules) Apophis was supportive of my need to move away, “go do this thing or you will always look back and wonder, but if you go be all in. Go ALL the way so YOU know you did all you were capably of.” So I moved, stayed in touch, keeping within the “rules,” then rules were removed.

I got to see my love, but my brain was splintered and not reacting positively to my situation. Being with my love was very important even if I wasn’t up for much outside of closeness, cuddles, conversation. Then I moved again for mental health and safety, but farther from my love. At my new destination I realised that it was going to be a long time before I could visit my love again. In seeing that, we both saw how much we truly cared about each other. We had bonded in multiple life crisis situations including this move. Our love for each other had grown. Other people in his life DID NOT diminish his love for me, and same on my side.


It’s always been a unique attraction, right from when I first met you. There was always something undefinable about it.
Even now I still can’t rightly say what we have with accuracy, it doesn’t fall under any one label.
Nothing so shallow as mere friendship, nothing so base as mere lust and attraction. I don’t rule out love because I know for certain I love you, even though it doesn’t come across in the standard sense.
We are just amazingly well together as it stands lol 🙂
I know, even now there’s no real easy way to put it. But I am happy to say that what I feel isn’t a passing fancy. You and your soul caught my attention from the start. I don’t intend to lose you. I never want to.

Come what may we love each other, whatever structure our relationship may take, strong feelings are there. Between one moment in time and the next we have bonded in a significant fashion. We’ve stashed firsts with each other. Sometimes we are doing something for the first time together. Sometimes we share the stories of a first time with someone else, and there are things we occasionally do for the first time with each other based off things we enjoyed else where.
We talk, about a lot of things. Emotions, sex, kinks, BDSM, work, school, life goals, desire, fantasy, books, traveling, the stars, the full moon, friends, family, his lovers, my lovers, parents, roommates, video games, you name it we’ve likely talked about it, or likely will. We aren’t able to visit each other as often as we would like. When we see each other our distance is forgotten. Sometimes we are silly and awkward together! Giggles and giddiness, aggression, and shyness.
Me, “I don’t know HOW to be with you right this moment!”
It’s fun, we laugh, we love, and the giddy aggression levels out to more confident places where there’s no questions. We speak with our eyes, our faces as much as with our voices. Body language telling the other the emotions we feel and struggle to express in words (or text) that fit.

That’s right mister, I love you. Though I may not be “in love” I do believe you hold a piece of my soul. And who knows maybe the term “in love” fits as well.

Wherever you go, there you are
Whatever you do, whatever life becomes we will be important in each other’s life!


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