Teacher, Teacher

I’ve had several people over the last few years suggest that I should teach one class on life things or another. Most recently it was me feeling like I should just teach since I repeat a lot of the same things over and over.

Me: “I almost feel like I should host some kind of poly how-to lecture or something.”

Kindred: “You would make a sexy professor 😉
Teacher teacher, what’s our lesson today?”

Me: “hahaha, if you’re bad I’ll spank you!!”

Kindred: “how about fuck me or shock me instead?
Save the spanking for the new-polys lol”

Before that, I had a good friend telling me I should teach lessons on how to be more like me. Umm, how do you teach that, and why would I teach people how to be like me. Why would anyone want to be me, wouldn’t they want to be themselves?

Ok here goes… Something (dude, you can’t say I didn’t listen and give your idea a shot!)

1 – speak your mind.
The people around you will appreciate it. Some will love you for it, some won’t. Either way they will see that you were honest with them up front and that keeps you respected. Be respectable, be respected, and get treated with respect. If you can’t respect yourself you can’t expect others to respect you.

2 – Be wild, have fun
Find ways to make yourself smile no matter what is happening around you, to you. Smile, and others will smile back. A smile is the beginning to being happy. Say wacky things, ask bizarre questions, act like a child. Remember what it’s like to see the world around you with the wonder, zest for life, and imagination of a child.

3 – See people, and understand
Know the important people in your life, see who they really are. The good things, the FUN things, the scary things, the problems and vices. Know all things about your people, accept everything that they are, and SHOW them that you see and love ALL that they are. Know who they really are behind the masks they wear. Know the darkness within, the skeletons in their closets, demons they hide and run from. But also know their lightness, the things that make them smile, that make life and living worth while. Know and accept everything, don’t hide from them, and don’t hide yourself from them.

4 – listen, really listen
When people talk to you, let them talk, let them vent. Show them you are listening, show them you understand what they are saying. Offer advice if they want it and you have something to say. Take the time to really and truly hear what people are telling you.

Some times people come to me to vent, but that isn’t the words they give me up front. You have to really listen to truly know what the people in your life actually NEED from you.

Lessons learned? Are you more like me yet? No? Good, I’d rather you just be your honest self, means you’ll be more interesting to talk to should we ever speak.


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