One Sheep, Two Sheep, Red Sheep, Blue Sheep

Love your person, or walk away.

Love who you love, for who THEY are. If you can’t, than admit that and talk to your person, (or people) about what issues you are having. ENGAGE with your partner. Every relationship has its bumps, and bruises. Jealousy, lack of time and attention, smothering, work shift troubles, financial issues. Wherever is troubling you talk to your partner.

If you don’t find the words and courage to speak, then you become the problem in your relationship.

Sure you may feel that how your partner is acting, how they are treating you, or what they aren’t doing is the problem. In some ways you’d be right. However; knowing there’s something that’s causing conflict for you in your relationship, AND choosing not to talk about it makes you the problem. Your partner doesn’t know what the problem you are having is. They aren’t able to read your mind. So your silence is the destroyer of the good that is/was in that relationship.

Speak up now before it’s too late to save your relationship.

Don’t attack your person, talk to them.

“I’ve been feeling out of sorts because of *insert issue here,* I don’t know what to do, and just saying this much has been really difficult.”

And remind them you LOVE them.

If it’s a fundamental difference and there isn’t a way to compromise be willing to let your person go. Just be sure you talk to them first, they just might surprise you. Love is a strange creature. It changes a person. The lengths they will go to stay with someone they love can be great, wondrous, beautiful.

Don’t give up. Love with all your heart. Love with every thing that you are. If you fear being hurt; and allow that fear to hold you back, then you will miss out on the beauty that love can bring into your life. Love is worth having. Be willing to openly love ALL of someone so that they can love ALL that you are in return.


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