Trading Stories


Ok so in a land far far away

Where midgets and leprechauns rule the world. There was a fairy name fluffy pants, and he loved to create mischief. So they killed him, ate him, and put his bone on display to warn all the other little fucks to be good or they would become nom noms 🙂


There once was a blue and green butterfly. Fast, proud, and playful she was. Flitting through the forest, startling the the bees and hornets.

One day she found the end of the forest, and saw so many bright shiny things zoom past. Closer she got, what are these pretties, they are faster then me.

 Closer and closer she flew. Weaving as they zoomed right past. Pushing her off course. How rude she thought as she paused in her flight.

Then she thought no more as a smear she became


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